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Google Map Extractor Software



GM Extractor – Is Windows based software which runs on PC, a solution to Scrap Data from Google Map

Scrap Unlimited Data: Scrap Unlimited Data from google map with combination of multiple keywords and locations

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Google Map Extractor Software



GM Extractor – Is Windows based software which runs on PC, a solution to Scrap Data from Google Map


Introducing GM Extractor –

The ultimate Google Map Extractor Software designed to provide a powerful solution for scraping data from Google Maps. With its Windows-based platform, this software runs seamlessly on your PC, allowing you to extract valuable information from Google Map listings effortlessly.

Unlimited Data Scraping:

With GM Extractor, you can scrape an unlimited amount of data from Google Maps by combining multiple keywords and locations. Whether you’re looking for business names, mobile numbers, review counts, ratings, categories, addresses, websites, email IDs, plus codes, closing hours, latitude, longitude, or social media profiles such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, this software has you covered.


Modern Material Design:

Enjoy a sleek and intuitive user interface with the latest Material Design, making it easy and enjoyable to navigate the software’s features and functionalities.

Data Export and Reporting:

GM Extractor enables you to export all scraped data into an Excel sheet, allowing you to analyze, organize, and utilize the extracted information effortlessly. Generate comprehensive reports based on the extracted data for further analysis and decision-making.

Detailed Documentation and Runnable Files:

This software comes with detailed documentation, including annotated images and instructional videos, providing you with clear instructions on how to use the software effectively. Additionally, you’ll receive the necessary runnable files to ensure a smooth installation and setup process.

License Key Manager:

GM Extractor is protected with an activation process, ensuring the security and validity of the software. You’ll receive a KeyGen tool along with the software bundle, allowing you to manage and distribute license keys seamlessly.

Free Lifetime Updates:

We are dedicated to continuously improving GM Extractor. As a valued customer, you will receive free lifetime updates, ensuring that you always have access to the latest features and enhancements as they become available.

Source Code and Rebranding:

Please note that the source code is not provided with this product.

Unlock the full potential of Google Maps data with GM Extractor – the reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution for extracting valuable information. Empower your business or provide a valuable tool


  • Scrap Unlimited Data: Scrap Unlimited Data from google map with combination of multiple keywords and locations
  • Maximum Extraction fields: Using this system you can extract bellow fields from google map
    1. Business Name
    2. MobileNumber
    3. Review Count
    4. Rating Count
    5. Catagory
    6. Address
    7. Website
    8. EmailId
    9. Plus Code
    10. clossing hours
    11. latitude
    12. longitude
    13. instagram profile
    14. facebook profile;
    15. linkedin profile
    16. twitter profile
  • Modern Material Design: Latest Material UI design with easy to use interface
  • Report: You can export all scraped data into excel sheet
  • Documentations: Detailed documents with images (with markups) and video
  • Runnable Files: We provided Runnable files
  • License key Manager: This software is protected with Activation Process, You will get ‘KeyGen’ along with this app Bundle
  • Free lifetime Updates: We Improving this product day by day, You will get free lifetime updates if any new update available in future
  • Source code: Source code is NOT provided with this product



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Google Map Extractor Software


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